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President's Hook, July 2016....

So here it is, for many, the middle of the fishing season. But for others, it is just getting started. With Independence Day weekend upcoming needless to say, anglers will be in many parts of the state.  But, there will be a plethora of places to go where you won't have someone standing right next to you.  Unfortunately, to find those places sometimes you must get creative and/or go off the beaten path.  Perhaps, if you don't typically spend much time wading the local streams maybe give that a shot. Or maybe it's time to venture into the world of float tubing.

Matanuska Lake, just north of Anchorage might be an enjoyable day trip, one that should be much more so now that there are 12 new steps that some of our AFF, PHW, TU volunteers worked on so tirelessly. The new access point is great and there is more about it below. 

Our upcoming presentation in July will be author Dave Atcheson. To get the rest of the scoop, look for the complete preview in the July fly lines.

Please note: Meeting dates have changed for this month - July's General Membership meeting will be on July 11th @ 7pm.  The Executive Board meeting will be July 19th at 6pm @ the BP Energy Center.

An update for the events cape day for August: Due to the change in venue for the AFF Speyclave and Fly Fishing Fair, the AFF Executive Board decided to revive a fun event that has been absent the last few years.  August 1st at Matanuska Lake, AFF will host a potluck/picnic fishing outing.  Yes, the same location where we just finished up the access work.  There will be more to come on Facebook, on the website, and in the next Fly Lines.  Basics will be provided, but please bring your favorite desert, salad, side dish, or entree to share with your fellow fly fishers. Don't forget to bring your rod and reel, and if you have one, a float tube with PFD.

The silver salmon will be in shortly, and the still water is warming up, even though we are starting to lose daylight slightly more each day, many areas have yet to experience "the bite" at its finest. Those of us who are fortunate enough, enjoy fall Silver Salmon/Rainbow Trout fisheries like nothing anywhere else in the world. With the shorter days and cooler temperatures, also comes one of the keystone events of the Alaska Fly Fishers.  The 24th annual Kenai River Clean-up will be from 9/9-9/-11 this year.  Something to keep in mind each day out there on the river, lake, stream, or pond - how will the plastic bag from my lunch effect the area if I forget it, during the next year, five years, ten years? Or how many hundreds or thousands of eggs will go on to produce continued healthy fish stocks if I make the decision to go around instead of through the spawning beds? Many of these numbers are virtually impossible to quantify, but you can use your imagination - especially if you start with 2 or 6 or 12 eggs. We are actively seeking a few enthusiastic volunteers to make this as well as a few other events a success. Please get a hold of an executive board member or myself so we can see how much fun we can have and positive outcomes we can create.

May the fish be with you,

Patrick Malone
President, AFF


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