Bob Rima Receives PHWFF Patriot Award

The Patriot Award was bestowed upon Bob Rima, co-owner of the Kenai River Drifter’s Lodge on August 30th by Ed Nicholson, Founder, President Emeritus and previous CEO of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.  This award is the highest and most prestigious PHWFF recognition given to program supporters.  Ed reflected that0 "It was a distinct pleasure to present the Patriot Award to Bob Rima. Under his leadership, the Kenai Drifters Lodge, the staff and guides, have been providing incredible fishing experiences for our PHWFF participants for many years.  It was quite evident that Bob, in his humble way, epitomizes all of qualities that represent the finest attributes of volunteerism and support for our disabled veterans, and in doing so, exemplifies those qualities of a true Patriot. Congratulations and thanks again for your outstanding support of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing."

Damond Blankenship and Jan Schnorr, co-leaders for the Anchorage program, spoke about Bob’s specific contributions including some of the following.   Soon after the PHWFF Anchorage program started in 2010, Bob volunteered to host trips for participants/volunteers as his official ceremonial start and end of the fishing season.  Bob always said that he used us at the beginning of the year to help train all of his new guides.  After a few years, Bob was so accommodating he agreed to rescheduled us for September, the prime time for catching trophy rainbows and Dollies, which of course also reduced his revenue but he never mentioned this impact.  Now all of our participants catch fish on every trip!  Bob dedicates four boats so individuals enjoy a full-service guide experience.  Since 2011, Bob has donated over $45,000 of in-kind donations in over 10 trips.  His comment is always “How can I help?”  All of our participants “love” Bob and they are always eager to stop by and say “Hello” to him whenever they are near Cooper Landing. 

Bob is truly a remarkable individual who always has a smile on his face and is eager to support our program and participants.  He is also a caring mentor.  During 2015, Jerry, one of our new participants who had learned how to fly fish earlier in the year, met Bob on the fall fishing trip and they bonded quickly over their love of fly fishing.  And, by 2016, Bob offered Jerry a guiding job for the 2016 season!  He is truly the most amazing mentor and lodge owner on the Kenai River!

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