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2019 Winning Photos

Judges' Choice People's Choice

Randy Guintu Eric Booton

Double Handed Cast, River Tweed  Solitude Success


All Photos in the 2019 Contest

21 photo(s) Updated on: Sunday, November 17, 2019
  • First Fish! High Five! by Eric Booton **Honorable Mention - Spirit of Fly Fishing**
  • Trout Snacks by Eric Booton
  • Layla, a Blue Heeler, sits in the boat on a smokey Kenai River. by Valerie Kern **First Place - Spirit of Fly Fishing**
  • Kenai Battle by Randy Guintu
  • Ashiestel Ghillie Shack, Tweed River, Scotland by Randy Guintu
  • Friends Forever by Randy Guintu
  • Kenai Sunset by Eric Booton
  • A young bull moose sticks his tongue out. by Valerie Kern **Honorable Mention - Wildlife & Nature**
  • River Tweed, Scotland by Randy Guintu
  • Sir Walter Scott's Estate, Tweed River by Randy Guintu
  • Guard Rail Hole, Kenai River by Randy Guintu **First Place - Wildlife & Nature**
  • Brittney's 'Bow by Eric Booton
  • Invasion of the Goldfish! by Eric Booton ** Honorable Mention - Just the Fish**
  • Solitude Success by Eric Booton **People's Choice**
  • Fisherwoman holds up a large salmon caught on the Russian River by Valerie Kern **First Place - Just the Fish**
  • Russian River Sockeye by Randy Guintu
  • O. Mykiss, Middle Kenai River by Randy Guintu
  • First Laker on the fly At Dawn by Randy Guintu
  • Double Hannded Cast, River Tweed by Randy Guintu **Judges' Choice**
  • Russian River Staircase to Heaven by Randy Guintu **First Place - Creative**
  • Backseat Driver by Randy Guintu **Honorable mention - Creative**

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